About us

Nature-based curriculum encourages healthy minds and bodies. Nature is a tool to experience better wider world and ourselves.Busy modern lives have left many people, including children, disconnected from natural world. Through nature-based curriculum, children learn with all of their senses and build a lasting connection with nature, which hopefully will result in caring more about our planet.

There is no bad weather for us. We daily spend time in Grabiszyński Park or in our garden plot. We climb trees, play with sticks, jump in the puddles, play with mud, watch clouds and moving leaves, we pick grapes, blackberries and much more. Children have time to get bored and creative. They really get dirty!

While indoors children are offered many activities, which are connected to their interests. They have time to learn through play, investigate and ask questions. Forest education, as well as Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches constantly inspire us.

We are English speaking preschool and have all activities in English. Children are learning the language naturally by being in English-speaking environment.

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